Dark Fusion Pioneer

For over 17 years, Dark Fusion pioneer and professional dancer Marjhani BellaMorte has been bringing her unique style and characteristic intensity to her art, delighting audiences and fellow dancers across the nation and around the world.


Marjhani is an experienced dance teacher, and has taught in several states in the U.S. She has appeared on The Girls Next Door, MTV, and Wealth TV, as well as several documentaries about bellydance and women’s empowerment.    

Marjhani headed the tribe Oojahm at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA from 2005-2008, and she was one of the first performers to bring bellydance to the Gothic Night Clubs in Riverside County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, CA.


Marjhani has performed in numerous bellydance productions, including Mythical Creatures, 80 Days Around the World, and she also performed in and directed Scarlets Nightmare.



Traditional Tribal 

Marjhani has been practicing and performing Tradtidional Tribal Style for 17 years. This style mimics the look and feel of a desert wandering tribe. The dance is not folkloric( as it cannot be traced to a specific tribe or location) but does lend to a folkloric feel. This style is a compilation of dance styles from Morroco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Spain, Africa and surrounding regions. Most dances are done in an improvised manner and are taught utilizing a hand and body cue system so Marjhani and her students can dance anywhere at any time without having to learn a choreography. Instead they are taught a dance language that they can use far and wide. 


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